Providing services to the Priddis Greens Community Sunrise Way and Sunset Way

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Priddis Greens Services Co-op


The Services Co-op was taken over from the original developer (Priddis Creek Developments) in 1991 and has been governed since that time by a Board of Directors comprised of six residents elected at the Annual General Meeting in April of each year, plus the General Manager of the Priddis Greens Golf & Country Club.  

​The purpose of the Services Co-op is to provide the following services to the community:
 • Potable water supply and sewage treatment
• Garbage pick-up
•  Snow removal
• Grass maintenance
•  Summer irrigation (non-potable water)

The above services are provided to four basic user groups:
• The condo residents (26 condo corporations) - all of the above services
• The 12 single lot owners - potable water and garbage pick-up
• The Priddis Greens Golf Club - receives potable water and sewage treatment
• Hawk's Landing Services Co-op - receives potable water. In addition, effective Dec 1, 2010, the Priddis Greens Services Co-op entered into a contract with Hawk's Landing Services Co-op to operate their potable water distribution system and their waste water treatment plant. This service is being provided by our Services Co-op for a monthly fee

Important Contact Information

Water and Sewage System

 24 Hour - EMERGENCY
​Phone Number: 403-899-6247

Co-op Services issues

Tom Schultz - General Manager
  Email: [email protected]
  Cell: 403-710-5333

Meet the Services Co-op ​Board Members


Phi Wadsworth Chairman
Jim Good Vice Chairman
Terry Lynch Secretary
Kent Reardon Treasure

Rob Shaw

Terry Schmidt

Tom Schultz

Chad Tomlinson
General Manager

Tom Schultz

Services Co-op Annoucements

When residents undertake major household renovations, it is normal for them to rent large waste bins for the contractors to use to hold the debris from the the renovations. These bins are rented and paid for by each homeowner for the exclusive use by their contractors. There are load limits on the bins and when they are full they are removed and the homeowner pays the disposal fee. From time to time there are one or more of these bins located throughout the community at homes undergoing renovations.  

It has come to our attention via photographs that some individual(s) are taking advantage of the opportunity to use these 'private' bins to dispose of their own old or unwanted household items. One bin for example has had chairs, an ottoman, baby car seat, Allen & Roth privacy screen boxes, and even large bones etc. added to the construction debris! This type of trash adds to the load limit of the bin. The homeowner has to pay for the disposal and then often has to rent another bin so their renovation projects can be completed.

From time to time there are one or more of these bins located in driveways throughout the community at homes undergoing renovations. Most but not all of the major home renovations are being undertaken by new residents and taking advantage of using these bins by anyone to dispose of their personal 'trash' in no way to welcome newcomers or treat any homeowner in our beautiful community.

Please be good neighbours and not dispose of your personal household trash in these 'private' bins.

Dave Harron  , General Manager, Priddis Greens Services Co-op Ltd.

Please note that only persons 16 years of age and over, and who hold a valid driver's license, may rent, lease or operate power carts. Juniors who are 14 years and over who hold a valid learner's permit may operate a power cart provided they are accompanied by a person who holds a valid driver's license and is 18 years of age or older. This policy is designed to keep our members and their guests safe. Power carts are motor vehicles and those without the proper training and experience to operate such, create a serious liability to themselves and to the Club. (or cart owner) There will be no tolerance for non-compliance with this policy.

There are to be no Golf Carts on the walking path. This path was built as a 'walking' path only and is narrower than the cart paths on the golf course and is not meant for golf cart use. Please do not drive golf carts on the walking path.

When driving golf carts on Priddis Greens Drive, Sunrise Way or Sunset Way use caution and please keep to the right edge of the roadway. Check behind often and always be sure to use hand signals to indicate left-hand or right-hand turns, especially if there are other vehicles close by. 

MD of Foothills: (provided by the Deputy Director of Operations, Public Works)
The larger highway plow trucks, with side blades look after all the major roads in the MD that have higher traffic volumes and speed limits. These roads will always take priority over 'internal subdivision' roads. The liability factor, and risk of serious injury accidents, or worse, is far greater than on low traffic volume roads with lower speed limits.

For Priddis Greens one of the MD's large highway plows looks after Priddis Greens Dr. from Hwy 22 up to the Golf Clubhouse and a smaller 1-ton truck with plow will clear the 'internal' roads. (Sunrise Way & Sunset Way) Both of these trucks cover a vast area, so the roads in the Hamlet of Priddis Greens are just a fraction of what these trucks are responsible for.

When there is a 'snow event' like the one before Christmas it will take the MD's fleet of 21 pieces of equipment (9 plow trucks, 10 graders, 2 small 1-ton trucks) a minimum, of 72 hours to clear all roads (approximately 4,400 lane kilometers).
When we receive back-to-back snow events before the first one is cleared, they basically have to start all over again.

With major snowfalls, the staff is instructed to make a quick pass in and out of all their dedicated roads to ensure all residents receive the same level of service and to accommodate emergency vehicles if required, then they return later to clear snow properly. Occasionally, and when time permits, the larger highway plow will use the side blade to push back snow further into ditches to widen all roadways to make room for the future snowfalls.

The MD is also responsible for cleaning the Walking Path at Priddis Greens usually within 48 hours of a snow event, with equipment used for other pathways and parking lots that they are responsible for throughout the MD.

RCBS Cats Inc.: The Co-op's contract provides for 30 'callouts' during the season (Nov 15-Apr 15). Snow clearing on Christmas Day or New Years Day count as 2 callouts. They clear the driveways and sidewalks for the 26 Condo Corps, the service roadway to the Raven #7 Wastewater Treatment Plant and the mailbox areas at Sunrise and Sunset Ways. They try to alternate the 'start' of their snow clearing between these subdivisions when they are called out. Single family homeowners clear their own driveways and sidewalks or arrange for a separate contractor to do that work.

Golf Club Turf Care Department: Clears snow from the Turf Care compound, clubhouse parking lot and around the clubhouse and the access road to the Co-op's #1 Lift Station off of Sunset Way.

Hopefully this information provides residents with a better understanding of the snow clearing process.

Some residents are finding that turning the valves on our manual lawn irrigation system has become too much of a hassle. As a result a few condo corps have changed or are in the process of changing their current manual valve system to an automatic timer controlled system. 

For those who have made or are contemplating making the change, they should be aware that:
  • The CO-OP is responsible for the main irrigation line up to and including each condo corp/lot owner's main turn on/off valve .
  • The CO-OP is also responsible for the main irrigation line leading from each condo corp/lot owner's main turn on/off valve back to the Golf Club's pressure regulating valves for the home irrigation system.
  • The Condominium Corp/Lot Owner is responsible for the replacement/maintenance/repair of each condo corp/lot owner's irrigation network of control valves, irrigation system lines, sprinkler heads and Quick Connectors.
  • When requested, and if the work is within the capabilities of CO-OP employees the CO-OP will do the repairs and maintenance, at an hourly rate charged to the resident or condo corporation to the current valve and irrigation systems only.
  • Repairs and maintenance to any part of newly installed automated systems cannot be done by the CO-OP due to product warranties and not having a supply of parts other than those needed for the current manual valve system.

Thank you for your understanding.