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Photo curtesy of Lorraine Lenyk
July 29 2019


The Priddis Greens Community Association and the Services Co-Op have jointly sponsored a Task Force to help Sunrise and Sunset residents with any issues they experience post-installation.  We call it the Tech Squad!  It’s members are: Roberta Roesler (chair), Tom Schultz, Lorraine Lenyk, David McClement, Ken Zacharias and Phil Wadsworth.  They are ready to spring into action if you need help.  We have some guidelines for engaging with the Tech Squad:

1. If you’re having issues, your first step must be to call Axia.  Their customer care can be reached at [email protected] or 1-844-276-2888. Hopefully their Customer Care department will be able to resolve your issue.
2. If you are not able to resolve your issue through Axia’s Customer Care, you can send an email to [email protected]  Please include the following information: 

Full Name
Best phone number       to reach you
Email address
Date of your Axia installation
Detailed description of your issue, including type of devices you’re experiencing problems with (e.g. iPad, PC laptop, Mac, SmartTV, printer, etc.)
3. You will be contacted by a member of the Tech Squad, who will work with you to troubleshoot and resolve your issues, including talking to Axia on your behalf.

4. The Tech Squad is not able to help with technology issues not relating to your Axia installation.            
This service will be available during the prime Axia installation period.  Likely into the Fall, but will disband once most residents are successfully using Axia’s internet service
Priddis Greens Services Co-op Ltd.  

AXIA Internet Sign Up

Dear Residents:
July 16, 2019

 On this cool rainy day, I have exciting news for you. At long last, you can sign up for your High Speed Fibre Optic Internet!

First of all, a big round of appreciation to Phil Wadsworth and Roberta Roesler who stubbornly stuck by this project for years to this happy announcement. Thank you Phil and Roberta!

Below is a copy of the email I received today - look at it very carefully and consider whether you should sign up for AXIA Fibre Optic Internet Service. If you have any questions, AXIA should be able to answer them. 

If you want to chat with someone in your community about the new service and what it means, we have formed a Help Squad of Volunteers - more about that in the coming weeks.

The following from AXIA:

Hello All,
Please see below for an update on Go Live for Priddis Greens:
  • Residents in the Hawks Nest, Sunrise Way and Sunset Way areas will be available to order Axia Internet services starting on July 17, 2019 at 10am.

  • An email will be sent to all those residents that had previously signed up with Axia and are in the coverage area at 10am on July 17, 2019

  • Residents can sign up by ordering service at and selecting their address from the list.

  • Please note that all pre-orders have been reset in our systems, so residents that had previously signed up will have to submit a new order.

  • Once their order has been placed, our installation team will be in contact to setup and installation date and time.

  •  If any residents require assistance with their order, they can contact our Customer Support Team at 

  • We will be offering a Waived Activation Fee for all residents by using the Promo Code: PRIDDISLIVE

  • We have made a web page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in Priddis that is available here -          

  •                                     Please feel free to distribute this through your channels.

  •  Ifyou would like any further marketing materials for your community associations or residents, please feel free to let me know and we discuss further.

Yours truly,
Tom Schultz

Priddis Greens Services Co-op Ltd - General Manager
Priddis Greens Services Co-op Ltd.  

AXIA Internet and General Update

Dear Residents:

July 15, 2019
By now most of you will have seen the return of AXIA's Fibre Optic Internet installer beginning with marker flags and temporary lasting survey paint. 

AXIA, purchased by Bell two years ago is now owned by TELUS and will resume installation of our community's Fibre Optic Internet Network to every residence in Priddis Greens.  You will be able to sign up for Fibre Optic High Speed Internet service in the following days - I will send out a message indicating when AXIA's Customer Service representatives  are ready for you to either call or contact via email. 

Note - you do not have to sign up or pay anything to have the fibre optic cable roughed in to your residence.  You will only be asked to pay for monthly internet service IF you sign up with AXIA.
You are welcome to have no internet, keep your existing service provider, sign up for the ultra fast AXIA internet service or just have the rough in ready for the day you want it activated in the future or for house resale purposes. Your choice and you won’t have to spend a dime for the hookup. This is a fabulous can’t lose deal for those that haven’t decided.

Please call or email AXIA's installer, Luc Gervais, if you have any questions about this or want the rough in installed. Luc’s mobile is 403-651-1475 or email him at [email protected]  

Reference - Lawn Cutting and the Rain. Survey Marker Flags
You will notice many utility locator flags throughout Sunrise and Sunset Way. Do not pull or move these important markers – thank you!

Also, you will have noted that our lawn cutting contractor, Fiddler's Greens, has been struggling to do their usual first rate service. This is due to the continuing rain. Fiddler's Management has assured me they will do their best to catch up on all grass cutting and trimming but it may take several cycles.

Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Yours truly,

Tom Schultz

Priddis Greens Services Co-op Ltd - General Manager
Priddis Greens Service Co-op Ltd.

Dear Residents:

May 27, 2019

Progress on Grant Application to Foothills County

Those who attended the AGM on April 25, 2019, would have learned that the Board of The Priddis Greens Services Co-op Ltd. is facing a requirement to upgrade our plants and equipment to the value of $400,000 over the next 2 years.  It was also announced that a grant application was to be made to Foothills County to cover 50% of this capital. 
I am very pleased to announce that Foothills County have agreed to this grant, up to the value of $200,000 upon presentation of invoices.  This is truly great news and I would like to thank Foothills County for this decision.  In particular, the Board extends their thanks to our County Councillor Suzanne Oel.  Suzanne personally presented our application to Council and eloquently argued our case.  We are most grateful to her!
Phil Wadsworth
May 4, 2019​​

To All Priddis Greens Residents


Beginning this Spring of 2019, the Priddis Greens Community Association has embarked on FIRESMART, a program that focuses on reducing the risk of wildfier in rural communities, like ours.  We live in a forest and benefit from 400 acres of well groomed and irrigated golf course fairways amd greens . Unfortunately, the little trees we planted 30 years ago have matured into giants, sometimes posing risks that we don't always see.

On April 30, Captain Cody Zebedee of the Foothills County Fire Department toured Priddis Greens with Priddis Greens Community Association's Board Members Phil Wadsworth and Tom Schultz.  Captain Cody was impressed with our water system, available fire hydrants, concrete roof tiles, mostly stucco clad exteriors and generally ow clean our community is.

Some tak away suggestions for us to consider:

1). Establish a Priority 1 Zone (tem metres or 30 feet) around yoour homes.  This entails removing flammable materials such as bark mulch, bushes, paper, wood or fire wood that are rith up against your house, pruning back or cutting down spruce/pine tgrees that touch your home and increasing the height of the coniferous tree canopy toat least 1 metre, preferably 2 metres (cutting the bottom branches of spruce/pine trees).  Trees such as Aspen and poplar are much more fire resistant than the coniferous tree.  We noticed some large fire log piles in fron of single homes-these should be attended to and disposed of if not being used.

2).  Clean up the Priority 2 Zone of dead and fallen trees, excessive amounts of spruce/pine needles and dead grass on the ground.  Keep wood piles (logs) as far away from your home as possible and don't store under spruce trees.  For most of us, this will be our Quad Forests out front and back of our homes.

3). Priority 3 Zone for most of us will be either the Golf Course or Sunrise/Sunset Way.  The Golf Course has been dliigently pruning and logging trees to reduce the risk of fire and allow sunlight on to the course.  As well, Captain Cody indicated that the irrigated short grass on the golf course would reduce fire risk.

Take the fireSmart test by following the link below and see what risk your home is for fire:

Tom Schultz - General Manager - PGSC

FireSmart link

To All Priddis Greens Residents

Priddis Greens Services Co-op Annual General Meeting - our AGM meeting was held April 25th, 2019.  We welcome new board members Paul Healy and John Robertson and thank Terry Schmitt who is stepping down from the Board after serving our Community for the past 5+ years.  In addition, foothills County Division 4, Councillor Suzanne Oel, was our special guest and addressed the attendees on a wide range of topics . Councillor Oel has always supported our community - stay tuned for a special announcment.

Lawn Cutting and Maintenance - Fiddler's Greens has completed their Spring Cleanup and will Begin cutting our lawns soon (when it stops snowing), applying spring fertilizer and weed herbicide,  It is our plan to continually reduce the use of chemicals on our lawns and this year will see a rweduction of fertilizer and only light applications of weed control.

Water Use -   Did you know that disposable or flushable wipes and diapers should NEVER be flushed down your toilet.  These woven cloth materials clog plumbing lines, sewer pipes and more importantly, damage our sewage lift pumps by clogging the impellers . Please dispose these "flushble wipes and diapers' only in your garbage/trash.

Irrigation Water Use we will be conserving irrigation water this year and will be asking residents to kindly cooperate.  Suggested water use is to irrigate your lawn and flower gardens only 2 or 3 times per week.  Give your lawn a good watering but please don's leave your irrigation water running continually all day long.  Never use potable water on lawns and gardens.

Winter Damage due to Snow Removal - if you experienced damage to your driveway trees, bushes or lawn due to snow removal this past winter, our contractor RCBS Cats has indicated thaey will help with the cost of repair of same.  Please provide me a repair estimate.  I'll approve it if it is reasonable and you will then submit your completed bill for payment.  Smart Phone pictures of the damage would be helpful. Email me at [email protected]

Garbage/Trash Pickup - Monday pickups continue at 7:30 AM -please do not put your garbage out on Sundays as many large animals such as bears and cougars have been sighted in neighbouring communitis and will be attracted to your garbage.

In addition you may place one medium size plastic trash bag per week containing ONLY plant material from grass, plants, bushes and trees May 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th . Please do not put any other material such as soil, sand or animal poop into this bag or it will be rejected.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or concerns.

Best regards,
Tom Schultz - General Manager - PGSC

May 4, 2019

Update on Axia Internet Service

All Residents...

Those who were at the Pridis Greens Service Co-op AGM on April 25, 2019 will have heard the latest update concerning Axia and the status of the nearly completed fibre optic cable installation to our homes.  You will recall that all work stopped in late summer last year when Bell acquired Axia, leaving us with the cable installed in orange conduit pipes outside our homes.  Bell have signed an agreement with Telus.  Telus will be taking over the Axia Residential Services at some time in the fture, but meanwhile the good news is that work will be restarted!  Bell Axia intend to complete the installation this summer.  This week, they will be surveying and we should receive . more detailed plan next week.  All terms and conditions remain the same and are attached.  Since it has been some time since those who wished to receive the service signed up with Axia and details my have changed, Axia will be contacting us all again to reconfirm the required internet speed and credit card details.  When we receive more details of their plans, we will pass it on.

Best regards,
Phil Wadsworth

A Reminder...
As the winter snows melt and the hours of sunshine increase, the warmer spring temperatures send a strong signal to wildlife to come out of seclusion.  Every year we remind residents, both long-term and those new to our community, that Priddis Greens is located in a rural foothills setting with an abundance of wildlife . Living here brings with it some responsibilities that uban living doesn't necessarily require.  Most everyone doesn't like a lot of 'rules',  but there are a couple of 'common sense' requirements to reamin safe and enjoy living where we do...

Bird Feeders during the winter, provide easy access to food for birds and enjoyment for us humans as we watch the different species that come to visit . During the rest of the year birds can find ample food without having to rely on seeds provided by humans. Bird feeders also attract animals like skunks, that will eat seeds that have fallen from feeders onto the ground and for bears that will eat seeds on the ground or climb up and eat from the feeders or knock feeders down to get at the seeds.  Alberta Fish & Wildlife have recommended that birdfeeders be removed (or not used) from April 1st to November 30th each year to reduce attracting and increasing the chance of human encounters with these types of animals.

Garbage Containers have also proven to be a favourite food source for bears over the years and once spilled, our resident ravens and smaller animals are also attracted to the easy access of a possible food source.  Every Monday throughout 2019, garbage will normally be picked up during a two hour window, between 7:30 and 9:30 AM.  In addition to wildlife concerns, Priddis Greens can and often does experience sudden weather changes and strong winds can occur at any time throughout the year.  This means residents are asked NOT to place garbage containers out on Sunday evening, providing bears a full 12 hours or more, to find and feast on your household waste or for storms to blow over cans and spread garbage around.  Finally, for aesthetic and some of these same reasons, once garbage has been picked up, empty cans should be brought in from the street as soon as possib le.  If you are not available or not able to put out garbage Monday morning and bring in empty containers, please reach out to a neighbour for assistance, we are sure they will help.  For those using the Wednesday recycling service, the same applies.  Put containers out Wednesday morning and bring in empties after pickup.

January 1, 2019

TO: All Priddis Greens Residents
      PGSC Board of Directors
      PGG&CC Management

This notice is to advise you that effective today, January 1, 2019, TOM SCHULTZ becomes the General Manager of Priddis Greens Services Co-op Ltd.

Dave Harron will also continue working with PGSC Operations, Management and Board over the next couple of months as we transition the management duties and responsibilities.

Dave will be the General Manager while I am away Feb 20th to Mar 24th.

Please take note of the following contact information for PGSC.

Tom Schultz
General Manager
2 Priddis Greens Drive
Priddis Greens, AB T0L 1W3
Email:  [email protected]
Cell:    (403) 710-5333

It is important to direct all Priddis Greens Services Co-op 'business' related phone calls, text and email messages to my cell phone number or the 'new' email address for the Co-op.  Also all Co-op related mail set to the Co-op's mailing address.

On behalf of PGSC, I'd like to extend a special thank you to Dave Harron for managing our Co-op utility the past three years.  Dave has worked tirelessly to deliver all of us the vital services we all depend on.

Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have regarding these changes.
Yours truly and Happy New Year,

Tom Schultz
General Manager
Priddis Greens Services Co-op Ltd.

Garbage & Recycling

Effective November 1, 2017, the City of Calgary implemented a number of enhanced dumping restrictions for all carriers using facilities at city landfill sites.

As a result, GFL Environmental will NOT take any flattened 'cardboard' as landfill sites will not allow cardboard to be mixed with household garbage. Loads that have cardboard mixed in are charged a significant surcharge per metric ton for that load. Please, only put household garbage out, for pickup by GFL. Household garbage must be in tied plastic bags and placed in garbage can's with tight fitting lids. Our contract allows for two garbage cans per household per week. Garbage should be put out before 7:30 AM each MONDAY for pickup.

For those residents using Range Recycling for cardboard and other recyclable items the pickup day remains as WEDNESDAY, however the pick time is changed to between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. If you have not subscribed to this weekly service and would like to, please go to the Range Recycling website at to subscribe or for more information.
New Villa Architectural Standards

We Have finally received notice from Priddis Creek Developments that they have signed off on the new villa architectural standards that the community voted in favour of last fall. I will forward a fully executed copy as soon as I receive it from the developer.

As a reminder, the updated architectural standards document deals with changes to the exterior of the Priddis Greens villas. This update has consolidated and updated a number of documents that had been developed over time such that all architectural standards are now in one document.  All prior documents related to villa architectural standards are replaced by this new document.  There are a couple of related documents that continue to be relevant. They are:

1. The Restrictive Covenant that is on title of every condominium unit – this is the overarching document that sets out certain restrictions that apply to the ownership of each condominium unit. Section 5 of this document makes reference to the architectural guidelines (now called standards) that the new architectural standards document aims to provide more detail on.

2. The Condominium Corporation By-Laws – these are bylaws that govern the operation of the condominium corporation that has been put in place for each quad in Priddis Greens to govern certain common affairs for the condominium plan (the quad) and which also contain certain restrictions that apply to ownership of the individual condominium units. It is these bylaws that can be modified by the quad owners to include architectural standards restrictions that are more restrictive than what is in the document that residents approved last night (an example might be requiring a single front door colour for all units in a quad). The Condominium Corporation By-Laws also include a clause requiring compliance with the restrictive covenants on title of each condominium unit.

My sincere apologies for the length of time it has taken to get final sign off. As noted above, I will forward a fully executed copy when I receive it- hopefully within the next week or so.
Bears & Dogs

“Bear Facts” that you might find helpful. This summary is from information received from contact with the Fish and Wildlife folks at Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. There are also links to additional information if you have an interest in more detail (click here for the email received from Pam Stevens at AE&SRD).

People should be aware that a bear can take down feeders and may be especially interested in our garbage cans that get put out over night.

While ensuring that all of our garbage is in cans with tight-fitting lids is helpful, we may still discover some are tossed around by this hungry guy. If anyone finds strewn garbage, please help with the clean-up. 

Lastly, be cautious when you’re out for your walk. Our bears haven’t bothered people yet, but they’re unpredictable.

This message is a friendly reminder that our restrictive covenants include provisions related to dog ownership – one of which requires that dogs be kept on leash at all times outside of a home owner’s property.  

Most dog owners in the community are very good when it comes to compliance with the restrictive covenant requirements and thank you for your diligence! 
Condo Golf Cart Owner Parking at Golf Club

Please be advised there is now designated golf cart parking along the east side of the event lawn. For Condo Golf Cart Owners and vehicles, parking in front of the Clubhouse is prohibited. Vehicle parking is prohibited along the east side of the event lawn, designated as golf cart parking only.

Your cooperation is appreciated.